IBEA Garden Machinery


IBEA 5370SB_SX Mulcher

IBEA 5370SB_SX Mulcher

5370SB - £1,064.57

Technical features

  • Engine : 4-stroke
  • Displacement (CC): 175
  • Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Engine model: 800 OVH series
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Transmission: Single speed - Aluminium gearbox
  • Speed(Km/h): 3,5
  • Safety device: Engine brake
  • Aluminium deck
  • Cutting width(cm): 53
  • Mulching: Yes
  • Cutting height(cm): Centralized from 2,5 to 8 (6 positions)
  • Weight(kg): 42
  • Product certifications CE
  • Lawn size(mq.): Over 800
IBEA 5570SVB Mulcher

IBEA 5570SVB Mulcher

5570SVB - £1,369.71

Technical features

  • Technical Info for the 5570SVB
  • Engine :4-stroke
  • Displacement (CC): 190
  • Engine brand: Briggs & Stratton
  • Engine model: 850e I/C series OHV
  • Starter: Pull start
  • Transmission: Variable - Aluminium gearbox
  • Speed(Km/h):From 2,5 to 4
  • Safety device: Engine brake
  • Steel deck>
  • Cutting width(cm): 56
  • Mulching: Yes
  • Cutting height(cm): Centralized from 3 to 7 (5 positions)
  • Weight(kg): 45
  • Product certifications CE
  • Lawn size(mq.): Over 1500 

Briggs and Stratton

Powered by Briggs and Stratton

Both the 5370SB_SX and 5570SVB come with the following features

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic Handles

The ergonomic handles provide greater comfort and ease of use even for the novice user. A soft neoprene padding covers the handlebars

IBEA Mulcher Wheels

IBEA Mulcher Wheels

Two thin plates that prevent cut grass getting stuck on the wheel.

Mulcher Transmission

IBEA Mulcher Transmission

Single speed transmission with aluminum case, hardened steel gears in oil bath and strap TEM without a tensioner.


IBEA practical mulcher

The fully collapsible handlebars greatly reduce the machine size, making for easier transport and storage.


IBEA Robust Mulcher

A special clutch protects the drive shaft from any bumps that the blade might receive while working.

Central Cutting Height

IBEA Mulcher Central Cutting Height

The central cutting height foot pedal allows convenient and precise adjustment.

Anti Vibration

Anti Vibration 1Anti Vibration 2

Anti-vibration areas have been created to ensure less vibration to the operator

IBEA Mulchers- No time wasting !

The secret of IBEA's mulching system lies in the perfect synergy between deck design and blade. Indeed, the inclination of the blade tips and the particular design of the thick, rounded deck allow the mowed grass to be diverted towards the blade and shredded repeatedly. Research has shown that a blade of grass may remain suspended under the deck and cut repeatedly before finally dropping to the ground as a fine clipping that will rapidly decompose, returning valuable nutrients and humidity to the lawn. Thanks to mulching you can save up to 40% mowing time. No more bags to empty, no time wasted emptying the collector, no smelly heap to tend to, and the lawn will benefit too.